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The philosophy of Menorca Discovery is different from most companies. The most important thing is that we don't need the sea to carry out our activity. We don't need to show you the wonderful coves or dive into the crystal-clear waters. There are more than 300 companies that do that. We are unique and different, and we want you to see the island in a unique and different way. Our goal is for you to discover elements of the island that are unknown because they are not advertised in tourist guides as the main attraction. We want to break away from sun and beach tourism and move towards cultural tourism. We strive to continue on our difficult path and to continue teaching. Menorca is a global reference in archaeology and geology, and almost no one knows it. From prehistory to the present day, we have traces of Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Muslims, etc. We have several dozen endemic species of flora and fauna. We want to show it and make visitors love this small island even more. We invite you to read our company's manifesto, which we happily fulfill. To spread our company's philosophy, we have a specialized team in different areas related to the island who also receive annual training to stay updated and, thus, be able to answer all the questions or curiosities you may have about Menorca. Let us introduce them to you:


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