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Menorca Discovery Decalogue (Menorca Active Tourism S.L)

  1. We do not sell 4x4 tours. We sell Menorca. We do not tilt the car sideways, climb a 60-degree rock, or finish the tour with mud up to the roof. We use a vehicle without limits to comfortably and pleasantly travel the paths, without suffering and without being limited by a ditch or groove made by the rain. In our promotional video, you will verify that at no time do we talk about cars, 4x4s, or Jeeps, only about Menorca. See video.

  2. Our guides are professionals. This means we do not just hire anyone capable of driving our vehicles. We employ qualified personnel, with official guide certification or equivalent validation. Moreover, they must live on the island or know it for more than three years, and they must speak at least three languages. They should be guides by profession, where their dedication, motivation, and training go hand in hand. And they must follow the criteria and philosophy of the company. Guides are the key to our product and the foundation of the company.

  3. Our cars are inconspicuous. No car in our fleet carries advertising, phones or other contact information, or stickers. We do not generate landscape pollution.

  4. We do not have a fixed route. We improvise the itinerary based on the weather forecast, the type of customer, and their interests. Menorca is an island with countless spectacular places, and it seems wrong not to enjoy it fully. Likewise, a single guide can conduct tours daily for a full week without repeating the same path, thus reducing environmental impact and contributing to NOT wearing out the terrain surface.

  5. Our cars are only driven by our guide-drivers. Unlike other companies, our vehicles cannot be driven by clients. This way, we have total control over the places our vehicles travel at all times, ensuring maximum professionalism during driving and minimizing errors.

  6. Our cars are independent. Each car has a different itinerary. Our guide-drivers do not travel in convoy or caravan. We do not believe in this type of circulation due to its harmful effects on the environment: visual pollution, concentrated atmospheric pollution, excessive wear of paths, annoyances, and negative impact on the local population, etc.

  7. We pick up the tourist at their hotel/residence and return them to the same place. In this way, we significantly reduce fuel consumption, vehicle wear and, above all, reduce the environmental impact, as we do not have to force the start of an excursion at a specific point, nor generate displacement by the client from their place of residence to our starting point. The island is magnificent from any location, and this allows us to start the tour in countless places. This is one of the reasons why we differ from any other company limited to a specific geographical area. E.g.: A nautical charter that operates in Cala Galdana, forcing all customers who want to use it to move from their residence.

  8. We love the island and we convey it. We are inhabitants of the island because we like it as it is. The founding partners of this company live here by choice, not by birth, and we fight to preserve it. The creation of this product is precisely aimed at teaching tourists how to respect the island, why it is so magical, and what to do to continue being so, responsibly and without the need to stop the tourism sector. We believe in sustainable tourism, in reaching deeper than other products, and in changing the aggressive way of traveling that the Western tourist has.

  9. Project to change the fleet to electric vehicles. We are part of several electric motor programs and our goal is to replace our vehicles' engines with electric motors. This process will be one unit per year, always depending on the company's income, subsidies, and especially the cost of such engines. It is estimated that within one or two years, their price will normalize and cease to be a prototype price. In this link, we show our main manufacturer and the study carried out for our cars, the Land Rover DEFENDERS.

  10. Breaking the stereotype: Menorca, sun and beach. We like the sea and reach many virgin beaches, especially from our private estates. But this is just a small part of our tour. We bet on culture, history, archaeology, biology, fauna, local arts... Menorca has so much and people know so little... We commit to showing what has not been shown so far, whether due to logistical problems (buses that cannot leave the road) or economic reasons (companies that only seek to increase their economic performance with several short tours a day).


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