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The origin and dream of the founders of Menorca Discovery: to spend a relaxed day with a local and professional guide to see the island leisurely and "poc a poc" (little by little).

Being a private experience, the added value of this tour is that we can customize it to your preferences or interests, and we can delve deeper into a concept that you like more, or we can go to a particular place you wish to visit. We will adapt 100% to your needs. We will also propose our ideas and suggestions.

Hidden corners that you will access through private rural paths, landscapes you never would have imagined to find in Menorca like cliffs, ravines, quarries, forests, curious stone walls...Taulas, navetas, talayots.

This is a 6-hour tour that will take you to discover the entire island, from North to South, see different ecosystems, talk about archaeology, and visit different sites.

We are a company specialized in the unknown Menorca, our goal is to make the island known through concepts and essences. To this end, we rely on archaeology, geology, flora and fauna as well as picturesque and unique places.

Our guides navigate the island with Land Rover Defenders to access any place, no matter how challenging the path may be, and our company holds state licenses and permits to access private estates where these wonders and other places that are not listed in tourist guides are hidden.

You can eat during the tour tasting the local gastronomy in a restaurant or tasting typical products such as the famous Menorcan cheese at a farm, directly from the producer.

In short, to fully enjoy the island.

Most of our Premium clients are repeat visitors, those who have the island as their vacation destination. Even as repeat visitors, they know that each time we will take them to different places.

Menorca has been a Biosphere Reserve since 1993, and we are certified by Xarxa Natura 2000, accrediting us as a sustainable company working with sensitive ecosystems.

We teach travelers to respect the island, which is what makes it so magical, and what to do to continue making it so.


You can freely choose the pickup time, so it's possible to start at eight in the morning and be ready to continue your day by two, or we can pick you up at four in the afternoon and extend until sunset! In the Premium option, pickup and drop-off at any location on the island with our Land Rover are included. The tour starts from your residence/accommodation!


We recommend that the Premium product be carried out between 16:00h and 22:00h. The reason is that in summer the midday temperatures are higher, making the tour more comfortable in the afternoon. Besides this way you have the opportunity to visit our private Santa Teresa farm (where only we enter) and see one of the best sunsets in total privacy, even in the very busy month of August. By choosing these hours, you can also add a tasting of cold cuts and cheeses from the island, made in farms in an artisanal way with Protected Designation of Origin, and an assortment of drinks. You can choose from beers or soft drinks, perhaps some local wine (recommended) or a bottle of Champagne. Contact us and we will finalize it!

Specialized Guides / Languages

Our guide-drivers are trained to answer all your questions about Menorca, in up to 7 languages. In the Premium experience, you will always have a guide who speaks your native language.


The exclusive private excursion lasts approximately 6 hours, and the departure time is at your disposal.

Spots for the Excursion

Exclusive Private: You can book one or more vehicles for 8 people each, exclusively for your family group or friends. Important: the vehicle costs the same whether it is occupied by 2 people or 8 people.


Price per vehicle: €660

The Tour Includes

Specialized multilingual guide-driver

Cooler with ice and water

Land Rover DEFENDER equipped with basic first aid kit

Civil liability insurance

Personalized pre-sale service for custom tour design


Comfortable clothing and footwear


Towel and swimsuit

A hat and sunscreen

Although there are no mandatory extra expenses, we recommend carrying cash, as many stops are made at places where products such as cheese, fruit, or beverages can be purchased.

See the terms and conditions and guarantees.



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