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Are we going to the beach?

Only on Private tours. Since we decide the itinerary with you, we will go to the beach if that's what you want. It's pleasant on a hot day to enjoy a refreshing dip in some of Menorca's beautiful virgin beaches. In Island Discovery and Menorca Sunset, there are no beach stops.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Menorca Discovery never cancels an excursion. The vehicles are convertible, but can also be covered if it rains or is windy. Additionally, it's possible to modify the itinerary or postpone the excursion to another day if bad weather prevents it from taking place.

But, what are you going to do in Menorca on a bad weather day? Menorca remains beautiful regardless of the weather. We can offer you a different excursion, but just as interesting and fun!

What is the minimum age to take the excursion?

There is no minimum age, but we always advise that it be from 6 years old, since at this age children have greater autonomy. If you wish to travel with children under 6 years old, we recommend booking a private family tour, this way you will enjoy more freedom, and you set the pace!

What is the difference between the shared and private excursion?

With a shared ticket, you will take the excursion with other people who have also booked their spot individually. As the interests of all the participants of the excursion are usually similar, the atmosphere is always very good, relaxed, and comfortable, and an itinerary that pleases everyone is covered.

The private excursion is exclusive: a vehicle just for you, your family, or your group of friends. Depending on the number of people attending the excursion, one or more vehicles can be booked.

In both cases, the itinerary is decided together. If you have no special preference, we will always offer a complete route.

Can we drive ourselves?

You will not be able to drive our vehicles. We will visit remote and difficult-to-access places. The experience of our guide drivers is very important for your visit to Menorca to be unforgettable and safe.


Do we stop to eat, or do we bring our own food?

In the Premium Experience, we can organize a picnic with typical products from Menorca at a special price. Or if you prefer, we can reserve one of the best restaurants for you to taste the typical dishes of Menorcan cuisine. Contact us if you are interested.

The Menorca Sunset excursion includes a tasting of products from our farm.

Can I go on the excursion if I am pregnant?

We do not advise it. Our vehicle is comfortable and spacious, but if you decide to come on the excursion with us, you will have to sign a waiver for the company.

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